Constant Pressure Systems

AquaSmart (Constant Pressure System)

Constant pressure has never been easier! The comfort of having constant pressure in your home no matter how many taps open at the same time. High-tech in a compact, low-maintenance package.


  • Residences (tank or deep well)
  • Residential and commercial irrigation
  • Shopping Centres
  • Condos


  • Constant pressure for your comfort
  • No need pumping shed
  • Silent, no more noise at night
  • Energy saving

AquaSmart - Tecnhical Sheet

AquaSmart - Installation Guide


  • Provides constant pressure water and protection to the equipment in a small and robust system.
  • Soft motor start reduces the current required for longer engine life.
  • Effective protection for the user-programmable engine.
  • Robust and reliable pressure sensor
  • Simple programming using DIP switches
  • UL and cULus certification
  • System Status LED Indicators