AT 60 Series

The AFT submersible pumps of the AT series are designed for the most demanding applications. Suitable for water supply, elevation and pressurization in residences, agricultural plantations and industrial applications. They are ideal to work in mechanical wells of 4 “or more, artesian wells or tanks and cisterns.


  • Deep mechanical wells
  • Industrial and agricultural applications
  • Booster Systems
  • Municipal applications of drinking water
  • Heavy use conditions

CSA Conformitée European

AFT AT-60-Series



  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • High strength thermoplastic impellers
  • Hexagonal shaft in 304 stainless steel
  • NPT discharge and suction with stainless steel grid with high durability
  • Built-in 304 stainless steel check valve
  • Perfect fit to standard NEMA submersible motors
  • Low profile cable protector for use in narrow wells
  • 100% lead-free materials according to international health standards

Operating conditions

  • Maximum flow rate: 80 GPM
  • Maximum Operating Height: 450 FEET
  • Permissible amount of sand: 150g / m3
  • Discharge: Thread 2 “NPT
  • Motor power: from 0.5HP to 5HP
  • NEMA 4 coupling

Dimensions & Weight

ModelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)Technical sheet
AT-6004378RP/NPT 2"
98763 AFT AT-60-04
AT-6007534981029 AFT AT-60-07
AT-6009638981245 AFT AT-60-09
AT-6011742981425 AFT AT-60-11
AT-6012797981480 AFT AT-60-12
AT-6017109298N/A AFT AT-60-17


ModelStagesKwHPGPM0263237424853586369747990Technical sheet
AT-60-0441.11.511810510298928579726256463920 AFT AT-60-04
AT-60-0772.23210187180174167157148138125112988249 AFT AT-60-07
AT-60-0993426923622622021019718417115413812110559 AFT AT-60-09
AT-60-11113.7532829528527226224623322019717715713579 AFT AT-60-11
AT-60-121245.536132231230228927625624022019718014485 AFT AT-60-12
AT-60-17175.57.5515459446430413390367341312279240200115 AFT AT-60-17