6CF Series

The 6 “AFT encapsulated motor has been developed with the expectation of the market to comply with the robust construction and high quality standards, they are designed to be installed in wells of 6” or larger. They have a stamper hermetically sealed, covered with resin that prevents the engine from burning. All engines are tested in Factory.


  • Municipalities
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Mining
  • Pressure increase
  • Inverse osmosis

CSA Conformitée European

AFT 6CF-Series


Technical specifications

  • Max. Immersion depth: 984 feet
  • Protection: IP68.
  • Maximum starts per hour: 20.
  • Insulation: Class F.
  • Nominal ambient temperature: 30ºC.
  • Minimum cooling speed 0.16 m/s
  • Standard installation position: vertical and horizontal
    (With an angle of inclination> 5 °)
  • Filled in the factory with non-toxic solution, soluble in water.
  • 60 Hz Design Point, 3450 rpm


AFT Submersible Motors Technical Manual AFT 6CF-Series