AS 90 Series

The AFT submersible pumps of the AS series in stainless steel are manufactured with the best materials and have been developed to obtain high hydraulic efficiencies, reliable operation and great durability. They are designed for pumping water and non-corrosive or abrasive liquids.


  • Deep mechanical wells
  • Industrial and agricultural applications
  • Booster Systems
  • Municipal applications of drinking water
  • Heavy use conditions
  • Drainage in mines and construction

CSA Conformitée European

AFT AS90-series



  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic high efficiency impellers and diffusers
  • AISI 431 stainless steel shaft
  • NPT discharge and suction with grid in stainless steel of great durability.
  • Built-in check valve for trouble-free operation
  • Perfect fit of submersible motors with standard NEMA coupling
  • 100% lead-free materials according to international health standards
  • Low profile cable projector for use in narrow wells
  • Wide range of flow and load performances
  • High quality bushings provide friction and high resistance to abrasion.

Operating conditions

  • Maximum temperature of pumped liquid: 30°C
  • Maximum sand content: 50 grams/liter (0.41 lbs/gal)

Dimensions & Weight

Pump TypeMotor Dia.A (Inch)D* (Inch)D*+ (Inch)Net Weight (lb)Technical sheet
AS 90-44"20.6305.15720.5 AFT AS90-4
AS 90-64"24.6465.15724.9 AFT AS90-6
AS 90-74"27.0475.15727.8 AFT AS90-7
AS 90-84"29.4095.15730.6 AFT AS90-8
AS 90-94"31.8115.15733.5 AFT AS90-9
AS 90-126"39.6855.5915.59146.1 AFT AS90-12
AS 90-136"42.0875.5915.59149.4 AFT AS90-13
AS 90-166"49.2135.5915.59158.9 AFT AS90-16
AS 90-186"53.9765.5915.59165.3 AFT AS90-18
AS 90-206"58.7405.5915.59171.7 AFT AS90-20
AS 90-226"63.5045.5915.59178.0 AFT AS90-22
AS 90-266"73.0315.5915.59190.8 AFT AS90-26


Pump TypeMotor P2Q Capacity 3450Technical sheet
AS 90-43.75
Total Load (ft)
20720319719018016414812192 AFT AS90-4
AS 90-65.57.5308305302289272249223190151 AFT AS90-6
AS 90-77.510364361354338322292259223174 AFT AS90-7
AS 90-87.510413410400387367335299256203 AFT AS90-8
AS 90-97.510466463453436410377335289230 AFT AS90-9
AS 90-121115620617604581548505453384305 AFT AS90-12
AS 90-131115669666653623587541482410328 AFT AS90-13
AS 90-161520830827810778735676604512413 AFT AS90-16
AS 90-181520932928909873820755673577459 AFT AS90-18
AS 90-2018.525102410201007974919846751640509 AFT AS90-20
AS 90-2218.52511221119110210661010925823702558 AFT AS90-22
AS 90-262230134213391312126611981102968830673 AFT AS90-26