Hydra BL 30 GPD

The AFT Hydra BL Dispenser is manufactured to the highest quality standards that guarantee its durability and reliability. It is the ideal choice for the exact dosage of a wide variety of chemicals.


  • Water purification
  • Dosage in Industry and Agroindustry
  • Cooling Towers
  • Dosage of Disinfectants, Flocculants and Aadditives
  • Agricultural dosage

Value Atributes

  • Dual Voltage Automatic Selection 115-230 VAC 60/50 Hz.
  • Up to 30GPD (120 lpd)
  • Maximum Pressure 115 PSI (8 bar)
  • Injection Tip Included
  • Level Probe Port

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Hydra BL - Technical Sheet

AFT - Dosing Pumps Quick Guide

AFT - Dosing Pumps Chemical Resistance Chart

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Hydraulic Features

  • Analog pump with manual regulation 0-100
  • Up to 30 GPD (120 lpd) and up to 115 PSI (8 bar).
  • Head in PVDF-C (PVC + PVDF, with better chemical and mechanical resistance than PVC).
  • Ceramic ball checks for dosing reliability and extensive chemical compatibility.
  • PTFE diaphragm for greater strength and wide chemical compatibility.
  • Manual Purge Valve.
  • Wall mount with mounting bracket included.

Electrical Features

  • LED operating indicator with predisposition for level probe.
  • Dual voltage 110-230 VAC 50/60 HZ
  • IP65 protection

Additional Accesories

AFT dosing pumps have 2 additional accessories that can be of benefit to the user in different applications. These accessories are optional, they do not affect the operation of the equipment.

Level Sensor

Protects the AFT dispenser from dry work.
The moment our tank runs out of solution, the Level Sensor turns off the dosing pump through a dry contact so that it does not operate without liquid.

Back Pressure Antisiphon Valve

Avoid accidental emptying of our solution and there is some product loss.

  • Use for Antisiphon (Red): 0 – 260 PSI (0 to 18 bar)
  • Use for Back Pressure (Yellow): 0 – 73 PSI (0 to 5 bar)

It is installed directly at the exit of the kopkit (Download).