ST Series

AFT Submersible pumps are engineered using the toughest materials for reliability and durability. AFT pumps have the highest hydraulic efficiencies in the industry for enhanced energy savings and can be used for a variety of
applications, where low maintenance and dependability are required.


  • Heavy duty municipal and industrial applications
  • Mine and construction dewatering
  • Deep well potable water service
  • Fire pump emergency service
  • Irrigation and booster service



  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Bowls and Bronze
  • Impellers comply with ASTM standards
  • Flanged bowls for pump strength
  • Enameled Bowls for higher hydraulic efficiencies
  • NPT female thread discharge
  • Stainless Steel 416 Pump Shaft
  • Perfect Alignment with NEMA standard submersible motors

Operating conditions

  • Ideal for deep wells and high flow applications
  • For clean water with limited sand content
  • Working Temperatures up to 140°F (60°C)*
    * Due to submersible motor limitation